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There are different ways to organize a self-help group

  • Association

          An association can be a registered society having legal capacity. The roles,

          functions and duties of the members, purpose of association, mode of decision

          and vote are determined by law.

  • Working group

          A working group mostly has the same motives and aims like registered

          associations but doesn´t want to register as an association.

  • Umbrella associations

          In some countries (e.g. in Austria) there are umbrella associations who

          coordinate cooperation of the national self-help groups.


In every case it is necessary to get information whether there are already other self-help groups for the same disease in your country.


The following issues should be discussed and the outcome should be recorded in writing.


  • Who is the leader of the group?
  • Who is the deputy?
  • How is the allocation of tasks defined?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • How often will the group meet?
  • Where will the group meet?
  • When will the group meet (date / time)?


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